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Parts Vehicles

NO PICTURES YET. Parts cars:

1) 1970 Cutlass S: 350 4V, 4 SPEED, bench seat, 3.08 anti-spin, FE2. VERY RUSTY. Motor dropped a valve. The good parts will probably end up in the 70 Green Cutlass S

2) 1972 Cutlass: was 350 2V 3 on the tree, but the powertrain is gone.

3) 1972 Cutlass S: May actually come back to life. 350 2V/TH350.

4) 1970 Cutlass S: May come back to life. No powertrain.

5) 1974 F100: 360/C6. Runs. Rusty. Parts donor.

Cuurently, there are no parts for sale from these cars. Most if not all parts are earmarked for the ~good~ cars!!!!!