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Nick Jeffrey's 1970 Cutlass Supreme

Here is the new paint scheme! Best 1/4 mile ET is 10.8x at ??? MPH!! This is a 350 Oldsmobile Small Block with stroker crank, one 4 barrel, and NO Nitrous! All motor!


This picture was taken at the race in Byron and shows the old scheme.


Here is my engine compartment. Note all the holes in the radiator support...ha ha. Since this was taken I have added a pair of GM Performance valve covers and a MSD distributor. Had a Unilite before. 

Over the years I've just whittled away at taking weight off the car. It started out at 3780 lbs, and now weighs 3147 lbs (without driver). A glass hood,lexan windows (but the heavy roll bar off-set the windows and cranks). All the seats and console were replaced by a racing seat. Of course the radio,heater/AC controls and rear window defroster came out. There is carpet in the whole interior but no padding. Took out the AC,power steering,brake booster,wiper assembly and the inner wheel wells. Took a hole saw to the radiator support area and cheese-holed it. The front bumper was all bent up so I took it off. Will put on a glass one sometime in the future. Cut out any unnecessary metal in the doors and took out the crash bars there. I have rewired the car and got rid of all unnecessary wire looms. I'm still lightening it up, Took out more metal in the cowl area, on the bottom of the doors, and the undercoating in the too. And of course light wheels, also use aluminum brake drums in the rear. Now for the motor....330 crank, Mondello rods, TRW flat-top pistons (.028 deck height) main oil restrictors, Mondello oil pump, oil pan is home deepened 2". The cam is an Engle/Mondello 25-28 Hyd, use 7200 series Mondello roller rockers. They are set at .005 preload. An Edelbrock RPM, Holley 750 Double pumper, a 2" spacer. The heads are #7s ported with 2.07&1.71 valves. The cross-overs are filled and the divider between the center exhaust has been welded up. Almost forgot, they have been planed .045 and have 57ccs, which makes for 11 to 1 compression. I've got a 4200 converter in front of a 400 turbo. 69 Chevelle rear with 4.56 gears, 11.5x29.5 Phoenix slicks. SSM lift bars and air bags for bite. If you have any other questions just ask away. Nick

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UPDATE!!! It now weighs even less since the trunk lid has been relieved of its bracing and hinges!