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Dave Willenborg

1993 Ford Mustang Cobra. The SVT Cobra package was above and beyond the ordinary 5.0 offering. GT40 heads, a special camshaft, 17" wheels, 4 wheel disc brakes, special suspension, and a specific rear wing were part of the  package. This "Performance Red" Cobra is car #851 of 4993, built 26 March 1993.

The view that the Jap cars see...

The 5.0 Cobra engine. A 5 speed and 3.08 rearend ratio are also featured. Aftermarket headers and exhaust are the only non-stock items.

1972 Monte Carlo 350 4 barrel.

1973 Mustang Grande' PROJECT!

351C Motor with lots of modifications! A solid lifter cam, stud girdles, and port tongues are some of the features of this motor.


Here we see the replacement roof skin.

In 'progress'.

9/8/01: Check out the pictures below: It's now going to bodyshop number 2!!!

On John's trailer.

Jambs done.


Latest update: 10/21/02