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Clark and his "new" 1970 Cutlass W31

Hi , I'm Clark and this is my first time driving this car. I just bought it Friday, here are some pic's of the first test drive. I still have to drive it from Edmonton to Fort Mcmurray A.B. Canada. But it Snowed 5 Inches for the last hundred kms, so now I go tomorrow or when ever the Snow melts. I'm sure Glad that the roads in Edmonton are still dry, But very, very, slippery when you drive a car like this to its full potential. I'll never regret buying my 1970 OLDS CUTLASS W31. No matter what I paid, or what I'm offered I'll never sell It. The happiest twenty year old in Canada { partly because I get to drive in the city instead of working Tomorrow}




These cars were made to be DRIVEN!


A wild cammed 350, and a 3.91 Anti-Spin rear were standard on the '70 W31!


EMAIL: Clark