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These are some pictures I have taken.

AIR SHOW Naval Air Station, Patuxent River, MD 1997

 bullet.gif (842 bytes) F-117 Stealth Fighter/ Bomber

    Front View

    3/4 Front View                      

    3/4 Rear View

    In Flight View




 NEW! Build a paper model of the F117! Click here (offsite)
 bullet.gif (842 bytes) The Blue Angels Flight Demonstration Team










     Click here for a bigger picture of these F/A-18s

 bullet.gif (842 bytes) Tour of AIR FORCE ONE Number 26000. In 1996 we got a tour of AF1 26000 at Andrews Air Force Base in MD before it went to Wright-Patterson AFB Museum where it is on permanent display. 26000 is the plane that carried JFK on his final journey after he was assassinated. Click most pictures for a bigger version.






















1980 Ford pickup with steps!







First Lady's Plane













More Aircraft soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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